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[Tab] Download Autumn In My Heart guitar pro

Autumn In My Heart (가을동화)

Alternate titles: Cuento de Otoño, 蓝色生死恋Starring Song Seung Hun and Song Hye Gyo

Rounding out its collection of the Four Seasons dramas, DramaFever brings you the first of the four dramas in this seminal quartet. Autumn in My Heart is a bittersweet and moving romance that taps into the same fairytale magic director Yoon Suk Ho brought to the other three dramas. In 2000, Yoon Suk Ho decided that he wanted to create a different type of drama : to tell the story of a “pure-hearted” love. Autumn in My Heart and in particular its follow-up Winter Sonata took Asia by storm and forever revolutionized Korean dramas. In this, a luminous Song Hye Kyo stars with Song Seung Hun, Won Bin, and Moon Geun Young before any of them were famous.

Eun Soo (Song Hye Kyo) and Yoon Joon-Seo (Song Seung Hun) grow up the children of a wealthy professor and have an affectionate brother-sister relationship. When Eun Soo is hit by a truck one day and gets a blood transfusion, a terrible truth is revealed: she is not in fact related to Joon-Seo or his parents. Due to a mix-up by a nurse, she was switched at birth with the Yoon’s real daughter, who has been raised in poverty by a single mother.

When the Yoon’s real daughter discovers the truth, she insists that the two be switched back. Eun Soo and and Joon-Seo lose track of each other, and Eun Soo becomes a hotel receptionist while Joon-Seo becomes a successful artist. When next they meet, Joon-Seo’s good friend Tae-Seok (Won Bin) is pursuing Eun Soo, and Joon-Seo has become engaged to Shin Yu Mi (Ha Na Na). Eun Soo and Joon-Seo have never forgotten each other however, and the powerful connection they forged in childhood continues to draw them together. They still see each other as siblings, however: can they overcome their own confusion, class differences, and the interference of loved ones to discover what they might have together?